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Friday, January 8, 201601/08/2016

Stop Dieting to Lose Weight, POV Over the Cliff Crash & other stuff.

Other Stuff 010816


Tuesday, January 5, 201601/05/2016

Resolution material

Other stuff


Wednesday, December 30, 201512/30/2015

Get motivated with these 3 TED Talks.

…and Other Stuff for the day


Tuesday, December 29, 201512/29/2015

The Right Way to Calculate Your Dog’s Age.

Don’t just multiply by 7.


Monday, December 28, 201512/28/2015

Destructive Tornado, Dallas


Tuesday, December 22, 201512/22/2015

The fascinating reason to put the X in Christmas.

The history of the word “Xmas” is more fascinating than you might think.


Saturday, December 19, 201512/19/2015

The Darth Vader Yule Log

An empty box for Xmas: How a ‘Star Wars’ Toy Company Turned Total Disaster Into a $9 Billion Marketing Triumph


Friday, December 18, 201512/18/2015

Star Wars Revisited

Plus 9 Takeaways From ‘Star Wars’ In 1977


Thursday, December 17, 201512/17/2015

Star Wars Accounted (Who is the Force strongest with? )

Other stuff 12/17/15


Wednesday, December 16, 201512/16/2015

Inspirations Star Wars & George Lucas quotes.

Other Stuff 12/16/15

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Judge denies motion for new Gawker-Hulk Hogan trial


A Florida judge has denied Gawker's motion for a new trial in the Hulk Hogan sex-video case and won't reduce a $140 million jury verdict.

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Depp back as Mad Hatter in ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’


The movie follows on from the 2010 box office hit "Alice in Wonderland," which starred Depp alongside Australian actress Mia Wasikowska as the titular heroine and Oscar nominee Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen.

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The future's looking bright for Rihanna - she has teamed up with Dior's designers to create a new sunglasses collection.

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Fans campaign to give Captain America a boyfriend


TRENDING ON TWITTER: An online campaign emerges calling for significant LGBT characters in superhero movies. But dissenters weigh in, too.

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Kim Kardashian and her family have reportedly been offered more than $100million to make their big screen debut.

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Cosby lawyers outline defense as case heads to trial


Bill Cosby's lawyers have outlined the tough questions the accuser likely will face now that their client is heading to trial in a criminal sexual-assault case.