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Q: Of the nearly 200 million roses that are sold on Valentine’s Day, 15% of them are purchased by whom?
Q: Of the nearly 200 million roses that are sold on Valentine’s Day, 15% of them are purchased by whom?

A: Women sending them to themselves

Forget about secret admirers out of the nearly 200 million roses sold on St. Valentine’s Say, a whopping 15 percent are bought by women who sent the love tokens to themselves. Gals are also the main customers when it comes to the almost one billion cards that are sent every February 14. The ladies account for an amazing 85 percent of the purchases. The one billion number also applies to the amount of chocolates purchased annually as a gift in the United States. Most of those affectionate missives are received by teachers, followed by children, mothers, wives and sweethearts. And about 3 percent of pet owners make sure their fur babies get a gift in honor of the most romantic day of the year, which officially became a holiday way back in 1537 when England’s King Henry VII bestowed his royal stamp of approval. And every Valentine’s Day, the Italian city of Verona home of Shakespeare’s legendary fictional star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet receives about 1,000 letters addressed to the lovelorn heroine of the classic play.

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